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New Adjustable Burner for Table Top Portable Grill Repairs

New Burner Brought out of retirement today for portable table to BBQ grill repairs.

adjustable burner fits most portable table top BBQ models

adjustable burner fits most portable table top BBQ models

This stainless steel burner was discontinued three years ago because there were not enough sales to justify continued stock.  Making a burner means we have to have a minimum of 500 pieces custom manufactured and we hope we’re selling 500 over the course of two years (of course we’d prefer 2 months but…).  After this burner was discontinued we continued to get requests for the burner and complaints when the replacement burner for table top barbecues was unavailable.

This time the burner has evolved.  The new version of the portable grill replacement burner is better stainless steel and better workmanship.  You cannot see that but it is in there.  The truly awesome and recognizable changes are more obvious.  For one, although the burner venturi tube that connects the burner to the control valve orifice is mounted there are 2 holes in the burner for the venturi tube to use.  If the venturi tube is too short to reach the control valve attachment the entire venturi tube can be moved to the other hole in the burner.

The second difference is the venturi tube itself.  The venturi tube has an inner cylinder that extends and contracts while continuing to seal gas within the burner tube.  The venturi tube can be compressed to a shorter length and can be pulled out to a longer size.  There is a set screw to hold the venturi tube is plave so the tube or burner does not move in transit.

All barbecue burners have an air vent at the tip of the burner venturi tube to allow us to affect the mixture of gas and air that determines a good flame and a reliable ignition.  This new adjustable replacement burner also has this ability to adjust the flow of air and the amount of gas mixture.  However by removing the set screw instead of only loosening it enough to slide the vent open and closed the air shutter can be removed.  The replacement tip for the air shutter is threaded.

Portable BBQ grills usually have a valve and regulator combination.  The regulator on table top BBQs has a control knob on top of it so the chef can turn the grill ON and High and Low with this adjustment that is a part of the LP regulator.  The orifice that extends out of the regulator/valve usually just pokes into or clips into the fire box and into the burner but some of these designs are threaded.  We used to have to drill out the grill or add odd fittings to make these work together but now the new replacement burner comes with a removable tip that is threaded to make it easier to install this burner into any model of portable table top barbecue grill.

The new burner comes from Canada and is stainless steel.  The original bracket below the burner that allows us to  install the burner so it does not move around is still in place.  This new burner could easily be used in normal mounted deck barbecues but it is going to be a welcome — and awesome — addition to our list of thousands of gas grill replacement parts.

Check out the new burner details and specifications here:

We know immediately that there are models of Charbroil, Turco, Arkla, Thermos and many other portable models that need this burner for upcoming repairs.

and as always send any questions for Majestic Grill Parts to:

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Lazyman Replacement Burner For Old 26 Model.

lazyman model 26 replacement burner

lazyman model 26 replacement burner

LazyMan Model 26 Replacement Burner.

Lazyman replacement burners

The Lazyman model 26 gas barbecue grill is over 50 years old.  Lazyman gas barbecues are American made with lifetime warranty 304 stainless steel used to manufacture the parts and structure of the grill.  The Lazyman barbecue models are designed for use as portable grills on rolling carts and as built in BBQ grill heads to be installed into outdoor kitchens.

Lazyman replacement burner up close to ports

Lazyman replacement burner up close to ports

Usually when a replacement burner is needed for a Lazyman model 26 barbecue that is still in use and needs repair parts the service technician will use a universal Oval burner or an H burner.  The Oval and H burner is ubiquitous among gas barbecues because most of the older Charmglow, Charbroil, Phoenix, Falcon, Arkla, Preway, Amberlight and other grills from 30 years ago all used Oval and H burners.

More importantly, with an adjustable venturi tube an oval or an H shaped burner can be easily installed into many older and newer grill models.  The burners themselves are shaped like a long oval or an H design and the venturi tubes that come off the bottom and extend to the control valve can be bent to fit and angle to fit to the valve and orifice.  This makes the oval and the H spahed burners very popular today even though few grill manfacturers still use these burners in their new models.  The old replacement burner design can be installed to any barbecue model as a replacement.

These universal burners with adjustable venturi tubes are often used in the Lazyman 26 model when a technician is not connected to actual manufactures with access to the correct replacement parts.

The images attached to this post show the actual replacement burner as provided by Lazyman  grills.  The manufacturer of the lazyman barbecues makes a reliable grill

lazyman burner detail with venturi tube

lazyman burner detail with venturi tube

well suited to outdoor abuses and covered by a warranty that reflects that confidence.

The BTU rating that determines the size of the orifice that determines the amount of gas pressure allowed through the control valve is perfectly suited for this original replacement burner.  The Oval and the H burner are not bad replacements but it is always a better idea to use the right burner when it is available.

Using the correct burner is the proper environment means the heat will fill the grill exactly as planned by the factory.  Any barbecue is designed to circulate heat within the firebox.  In a pinch we have installed burners that fit but are not designed for a particular model.  It is always a better idea to use the manufacturers design — if not the particular parts if they are not made with good materials.

Fortunately the Lazyman parts are made of high-quality material; the same materials and the same type of stainless is still used today on Alfresco, Firemagic and other high end grills.  Using the best quality materials Lazyman burners are the best fit for Lazyman gas grills.

Lazyman replacement burners are available here


Hurricane Isaac Affects South Florida Grilling

Make sure the fireplace pilot has been checked and your barbecue tanks are full because hurricane isaac seems to be leaning our way.    Up until early this morning I did not think the new hurricane isaac was going to bring any problems to south Florida.  As of 2 am this morning it appears to be leaning back in to South Florida land mass.

hurricane isaac cone of expected movement

hurricane isaac cone of expected movement

Usually when we hear about storms and hurricanes in South Florida we are getting the effects of newscasters who need a “big” story.  Last time South Florida was badly hit we expected a little wind and rain.  This was about 5 years ago and we got pummeled.

Those of us who were lucky were only out of power for about a week but many of our customers reported power failures up to 6 weeks after the hurricane.  Power lines came down when the wind knocked over poles and ripped apart tree limbs to smash into power lines, cars and windows if left unprotected by shutters.

All of south Florida comes to value our gas appliances after a major storm.  Barbecues and gas fireplaces are life savers after a hurricane.

Many of our customers came to value the side burner attachments that had never before been used during the family barbecues.  A typical barbecue that has to have the hood closed to build up heat to cook do not get hot enough to boil water.  When the water treatment plant stops working a side burner can be the difference between life and death.

Grills that do get hot enough to sear a steak like the infrared AOG, Solaire, TEC and Alfresco brands will boil water for cooking and cleaning right on the grill grates.  Also without electricity and clean water the freezers and refrigerators do not work and we have to cook and preserve all of our foods.  Last time I had 4 barbecues going at once cooking the food from our own refrigerator and those of several neighbors.

Hurricane Isaac does not look like it is going to hit us directly  on the east coast of south Florida but it does look like it will come over our land for awhile within the next 2 days.

Get your gas bbq grills and fireplaces ready for use just on case we get it worse than anticipated because that is what happened the last time we thought a hurricane was going into the gulf but it turned across Florida.

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New Details About the Alfresco Briquette Tray Replacement

That links to a new page for Majestic Grill Parts that shows exactly the shapes, size, design of the Alfresco LX2 replacement briquette shield.  A few customers have purchased this believing it is for the AGBQ models and vice-versa.  The Alfresco gas grill replacement parts page shows 2 different briquette trays and we are slowly going to keep creating a separate page for each of these parts that shows larger images, actual pictures and close up details.

For now this is the first of many and shows the Alfresco briquette shield for the newer LX2 model gas grills.

Alfresco gas grill briquette shield detail image

Alfresco gas grill briquette shield detail image

For further information Contact Majestic Grill parts at:


which is also:



Majestic Grill Parts on TV with Vanilla Ice and DIY Network.

After months of conversations, designs and discussing various barbecues, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, furniture, etc today we finally got on site for the DIY Networks’  The Vanilla Ice Project.  The premise of the Vanilla Ice reality  show during the last few seasons has been remodeling homes to increase market value.  I think the original idea is like all those late-night infomercials that claim you, too can buy, remodel and flip real estate to become the next overnight millionaire.

Vanilla Ice Home Remodeling Truck On Site

Vanilla Ice Home Remodeling Truck On Site

We have been working with production assistants for about 6 weeks and we finally had our first look at the actual job site today.  South Florida is in the path of as major storm that is expected to make landfall as a hurricane by Monday or Tuesday.  If that does not happen we should be done with all the on-site work by 29 August 2012.

The shows’ producers originally contacted us to design and build a custom outdoor kitchen for the show (if you’ve seen Majestic Grill Parts on Facebook you already know no one has more experience building grill islands) but this production schedule is renovating two backyards and one already has an outdoor kitchen so they cancelled that project.   Instead of a custom outdoor kitchen they have asked us to build a custom fireplace that is as tall as the roof of the home so they can mount a flat screen outdoor television above the fireplace.

We are also providing the Vanilla Ice project with a barbecue grill on a cart since we are not able to put an outdoor kitchen on this project and we may be installing some of our outdoor resin wicker cushioned patio furniture also.

Vanilla Ice filming on site while renovating this backyard with Majestic Grill Parts

Vanilla Ice filming on site while renovating this backyard with Majestic Grill Part

Right now the back yard of this mouse in Palm Beach Florida is tore- up with a lot of holes in the ground, rebar lying around, unfinished floors and laborers.  There is a lot of work to get done in the next 7 days but we were told everything has to be completed by next wednesday.  We thought we would be able to get started earlier but with fast-paced projects like this it is not uncommon to have half the time to complete twice the work.

Fortunately we did get on site today to see what is ready for us and what we have to work with.  The star himself, Vanilla Ice was on site looking through the various designs and making the final decisions regarding the flooring, fountain, hot tub, pergola and fireplace.

We are working from a design they provided for us through the awesome  DIY Network producer we have been working with.  They wanted us to use a denatured alcohol fireplace burner so we are building in a stainless steel ethanol ventless gas log fireplace burner.  We do not use these burners much because they are almost never UL rated or get CSA or RADCO certification.  There have been a lot of horrible accidents that have left a lot of people injured and even some deaths when people have refilled these tyoe of fireplace burners.  The”burner” is really just a bowl full of ethanol and the home owner lights the fireplace by touching the alcohol with a long lighter.  The danger comes in when the customer cannot see a tiny blue-flame inside the bottom of the covered bowl when the fuel is low.  If the burner gets refilled while there is a flame — often invisible when low — the flame will burn along the stream to the container.  Usually the person will drop the bottle and the splashing alcohol is burning!  If some of the alcolhol was on a hand, arm, shirt, etc….  The production company has assumed all liability and the responsibility of making sure the instructions are clear for the end-user.  Other wise we would not have agreed to build in this burner when there are so many amazing propane fireplaces available.


When we complete this project we will show the before and after images and we will show details of the fireplace, barbecue and the entire backyard project we help build with  the Vanilla Ice project.  We will also begin a contest next week at this time.

We have many gas fireplaces here that we have used only in the store to show clients as displays.  We are going to give away all our gas fireplaces starting next week when we finish the Vanilla Ice project.

To be in the drawing you will need to do one of the following — and you can do all of the following to be entered multiple times:

Visit, Like and leave a comment on the page at:

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Every one, Any one who want to be in the drawings for a FREE GAS FIREPLACE shipped courtesy of Majestic Grill Parts just needs to pick one or more from the list above.  Each person can do each of these three commentaries and will be entered into our drawing for each.  That means each person has the ability to be added to the FREE FIREPLACE up to three times.

Contact Majestic Grill Parts with any comments or questions at: 954-247-4552.


Replacement Pipe Burner Detail Showing Angle In Venturi

replacement burner bent angle at venturi for tuscany bbq grill repair

We created an extra page for this burner because it is different from the hundreds of replacement pipe burners we stock.  Most pipe burners used in barbecue grills today are all the same.  They are one inch diameter.  They all have an air adjustment sleeve that opens and closes and defines the opening where the orifice is inserted when the burner is installed in the grill.  They all have the flat section at the back of the burner for mounting the burner to stay level in the barbeque and burn evenly through the ports.

replacement burner detail shows bent venturi tube

replacement burner detail shows bent venturi tube

This burner gets a special page because it is different and the difference is difficult to show in the specification drawings we use to show the dimension of the gas grill replacement parts available.

Click to see the burner information listed and why the burner is bent at an angle for better performance.  This burner was used on some models of Tuscany, Vermont Castings, Jenn Air and others.

The installation instructions in the video on the universal adjustable pipe burner page is mostly the same for all replacement pipe burners.  There are some minor differences from grill to grill becaus ethe hole in the installation bracket in the back of the fire box can be different and the ignition electrode can mount different but most pipe burners are all installed the same.  Watch the installation video at:

Majestic Grill Parts can always be reached at:

954.247.4552 which is also 954-2-GRILL-2

If you have shopped online for products or for knowledge you already know a lot of online companies do not even post a telephone number.  We enjoy helping our customers because it keeps us focused on our skills and because we hope clients who contact us for assistance will eventually become customers.  If we are all stuck on the telephone and do not answer you will have the option to leave a message and you can always reach us at:


Lazyman Black Steel Replacement Burners are Perfect for the A Model.

replacement gas bbq grill burner for lazyman a model

LazyMan Grill Repair — Black Steel and Stainless Steel Replacement Burner For A Model Gas Barbecues.

close image of black replacement burner for A model lazyman

close image of black replacement burner for A model lazyman

Lazyman Black-Coated Steel Burners are

about triple the weight of the stainless replacement  burners that are available for the A models gas grills that were in production starting 25 years ago.  A lot of gas barbecue companies try to trick the buyer by using very inexpensive and paper thin stainless steel that is no better than cheap steel materials.  High-end and very expensive appliances are manufactured with 304 and 316 stainless steel that has most iron oxides drained during smelting while adding nickel, chromium and other chemocals that makes the stainless practically impervious to weather and poor maintenance.

The Lazy man 210 and A Model series grills are good evidence of high-quality stainless steel.  These grills were popular 15 – 25 years ago and thousands are still in use today with minor repairs because the stainless and the workmanship is awesome.  Cheap grills will use cheap workmanship and cheap materials but then they’ll name the barbecue the “Professional” model or the “Commercial” model to try to trick us ointo mis-interpreting the materials.

Of course if you believe a $199. barbecue is a “Commercial” product, as in purchased by commercial operations like restaurants, hotels, country clubs, etc…… well….

thick venturi opening on black steel lazyman replacement burner

thick venturi opening on black steel lazyman replacement burner

The Lazyman must realize the DCS, Alfresco, Solaire, Firemagic and other high-end models that have amazing infrared burners and futuristic features for the same prices have lowered the demand for Lazyman grills today.  The Lazyman models that are still in use are another story.  If a client already has an American made gas grill that has the ability to last 50 years outdoors most will send the time repairing that grill instead of buying a $5000. Alfresco.

Instead of choosing to use inferior stainless steel or thinner materials Lazyman A model replacement burners are extraordinarily thick and very dense steel.  The materials make the burners less expensive than most replacement burners — and definitely less expensive than replacement grill burners for the high-end grills that are the equivalent to Lazyman quality.  The heavier, thicker burners are likely to outlast their stainless brethren.

The A Model by Lazyman consisted of straight pipe burners, lava rocks and cooking grates.  The idea was the burners not only heated up the air trapped inside the bbq hood but also heated the lava rocks so the entire grilling area was much hotter than a typical barbecue.  The weird feature of these models was the absence of a briquette tray.

The briquette grid usually sits below the cooking grates and above the burners to support the lava rocks or briquettes.  A Lazyman A Model did not have one.  The lava rocks were just  just dumped into the grill below the grates where they filled the space between and above the burners.  This worked very well because the lava rocks added to the heated air and the lava rocks also radiated direct heat at the grilling grids.  The only real negative feature is the grease did not drip through anything but tended to build up on, around and inbetween the lava rocks where the burners were coated with grease, dried marinades, rubs and dirt that had been heated and dried over and over again for years.

This eventually ruins the stainless steel burners.  Instead of making a cheaper burner that makes it attractive for buyers to buy parts but then disappoints these users when the burners don’t last more than a year or two Lazyman offers a burner that is much thicker and heavier than any other pipe burner in the marketplace.

For a grill that allows the burners to be surrounded by lava rocks these heavy, coated steel burners are perfect for such an antiquated design and promise to last much longer than the stainless steel burners that are only resilient outdoors when they are clean.

Click here for information about how and why 304 stainless has to be clean to last outdoors.

In a grill where the burners are surrounded by greasy lava rocks those burners are not going to get cleaned.  If 304 stainless is not cleaned at least twice a year the material will not last longer than “normal” steel and is not worth the higher expenditure.  Lazyman coated black burners are big, strong burners that seem to know they will not see the light of day once they are installed — and they are built to thrive for many years exactly where they need to be.


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