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Hurricane Isaac Affects South Florida Grilling

Make sure the fireplace pilot has been checked and your barbecue tanks are full because hurricane isaac seems to be leaning our way.    Up until early this morning I did not think the new hurricane isaac was going to bring any problems to south Florida.  As of 2 am this morning it appears to be leaning back in to South Florida land mass.

hurricane isaac cone of expected movement

hurricane isaac cone of expected movement

Usually when we hear about storms and hurricanes in South Florida we are getting the effects of newscasters who need a “big” story.  Last time South Florida was badly hit we expected a little wind and rain.  This was about 5 years ago and we got pummeled.

Those of us who were lucky were only out of power for about a week but many of our customers reported power failures up to 6 weeks after the hurricane.  Power lines came down when the wind knocked over poles and ripped apart tree limbs to smash into power lines, cars and windows if left unprotected by shutters.

All of south Florida comes to value our gas appliances after a major storm.  Barbecues and gas fireplaces are life savers after a hurricane.

Many of our customers came to value the side burner attachments that had never before been used during the family barbecues.  A typical barbecue that has to have the hood closed to build up heat to cook do not get hot enough to boil water.  When the water treatment plant stops working a side burner can be the difference between life and death.

Grills that do get hot enough to sear a steak like the infrared AOG, Solaire, TEC and Alfresco brands will boil water for cooking and cleaning right on the grill grates.  Also without electricity and clean water the freezers and refrigerators do not work and we have to cook and preserve all of our foods.  Last time I had 4 barbecues going at once cooking the food from our own refrigerator and those of several neighbors.

Hurricane Isaac does not look like it is going to hit us directly  on the east coast of south Florida but it does look like it will come over our land for awhile within the next 2 days.

Get your gas bbq grills and fireplaces ready for use just on case we get it worse than anticipated because that is what happened the last time we thought a hurricane was going into the gulf but it turned across Florida.

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