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Infrared Cooking With The Steamer Accessory.

Infrared Cooking With The Steamer Accessory.

infrared grill steamer cooking lobster tails

Infrared grilling with Steamer Cooking Lobster Tails

When the TEC infrared grill burner was invented the idea of grilling — the idea of cooking — changed.  With the ability to grill with temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees our backyard steaks, burgers and fish took on new and exciting flavors.  High quality restaurants also started using infrared burners to quickly sear meats and lock flavor in grilled steaks and fish filets.   Anyone who has eaten from or grilled on an infrared gas grill knows the intense direct heat saves a lot of time and a lot of flavor.

What happens when we’re cooking food that is not best grilled with a direct high heat?  Are our high-quality gas grills suddenly useless?  Absolutely not!

I have been grilling with high temperature infrared grills for about 10 years.  I love the grill T-bone steaks, New York Strips, Swordfish, Tuna and even hamburgers and hot dogs.  I also cook a lot of foods that are not best cooked at one-thousand degrees.

The image above shows the Steamer Accessory in my infrared grill.  Inside the steamer basket are four Maine Lobster tails.

Steamer Tool for Infrared gas grills

Infrared burner heating water for using the Steamer Tool.

My infrared grill is not a hybrid with an infrared burner and a convectional, or blue-flame burner for lower temperatures.  My grill is all infrared because ninety percent of the time I use my grill I am grilling with the high and intense heat that only an infrared burner can supply.  The steamer accessory is being supported by the front and back of the grill fire box so the bottom of the steamer is less than one inch from the bright orange infrared burner as seem in this image.

The Seamer tool designed for use with the infrared grill is basically a 304 stainless steel rectangular pot.  Within the pot there is a flat plate that sits about two inches off the bottom of the steamer.  This allows water to be filled up to the tray which is covered with small holes to allow heat and steam above the tray.  The steamer basket cannot drop into the water because the flat tray keeps water below and any food or the basket above the water line.

As the infrared heat boils the water in the bottom of the pan the food in the basket that is above the inner tray becomes surrounded by hot steam.  The Steamer also has a Stainless lid to hold heat and steam inside the steamer cavity. This way as the infrared burner heats the water, the water vaporizes into steam which rises into the closed compartment with our food.  In this case Lobster tails.

For my own infrared-steamed lobster tails I dropped about 3 table spoons of old bay seasoning into the water. This is usually really awesome and spicy for a boil — which I also cook in my infrared steamer — but will cause a more subtle seasoning in a steam cook.  I leave the water on the hot grill with the infrared burner turned to a setting in between low and medium for about 15 minutes until I see a lot of steam.

I add the lobster tails to the steamer basket and as quickly as possible I remove the lid, drop-in the basket and replace the lid.  Moving rapidly is important because I want to lose as little steam as possible but I also want to wait until the heat is as hot as possible because the faster the meat cooks the less tough it will become.  If I add the lobseter tails to the steamer on the grill too early they will not be as tender when they cook.

Lobster cooks very fast with the shells turning color on Maine lobster tails because of the iodine content.  Once the lobster tails are in the infrared steamer they will be ready to wrap in less than ten minutes.  I remove the basket, grab the tails with grilling tongs and wrap the pate with aluminum foil so the vaporized water and moisture cannot escape.

Although it is very tasty to grill lobster on an infrared grill and it is possible that anything that can be steamed can also be grilled on an infrared grill burner it is a lot of fun to use my infrared grill for different kinds of cooking.  I have this grill because of the high heat but I also use the grill for a lot of other kinds of cooking.  Steamed crawfish, lobster and steamed vegetables are all very fast and very flavorful with the Steamer accessory on our infrared gas grill.


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