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Lazyman Black Steel Replacement Burners are Perfect for the A Model.

replacement gas bbq grill burner for lazyman a model

LazyMan Grill Repair — Black Steel and Stainless Steel Replacement Burner For A Model Gas Barbecues.

close image of black replacement burner for A model lazyman

close image of black replacement burner for A model lazyman

Lazyman Black-Coated Steel Burners are

about triple the weight of the stainless replacement  burners that are available for the A models gas grills that were in production starting 25 years ago.  A lot of gas barbecue companies try to trick the buyer by using very inexpensive and paper thin stainless steel that is no better than cheap steel materials.  High-end and very expensive appliances are manufactured with 304 and 316 stainless steel that has most iron oxides drained during smelting while adding nickel, chromium and other chemocals that makes the stainless practically impervious to weather and poor maintenance.

The Lazy man 210 and A Model series grills are good evidence of high-quality stainless steel.  These grills were popular 15 – 25 years ago and thousands are still in use today with minor repairs because the stainless and the workmanship is awesome.  Cheap grills will use cheap workmanship and cheap materials but then they’ll name the barbecue the “Professional” model or the “Commercial” model to try to trick us ointo mis-interpreting the materials.

Of course if you believe a $199. barbecue is a “Commercial” product, as in purchased by commercial operations like restaurants, hotels, country clubs, etc…… well….

thick venturi opening on black steel lazyman replacement burner

thick venturi opening on black steel lazyman replacement burner

The Lazyman must realize the DCS, Alfresco, Solaire, Firemagic and other high-end models that have amazing infrared burners and futuristic features for the same prices have lowered the demand for Lazyman grills today.  The Lazyman models that are still in use are another story.  If a client already has an American made gas grill that has the ability to last 50 years outdoors most will send the time repairing that grill instead of buying a $5000. Alfresco.

Instead of choosing to use inferior stainless steel or thinner materials Lazyman A model replacement burners are extraordinarily thick and very dense steel.  The materials make the burners less expensive than most replacement burners — and definitely less expensive than replacement grill burners for the high-end grills that are the equivalent to Lazyman quality.  The heavier, thicker burners are likely to outlast their stainless brethren.

The A Model by Lazyman consisted of straight pipe burners, lava rocks and cooking grates.  The idea was the burners not only heated up the air trapped inside the bbq hood but also heated the lava rocks so the entire grilling area was much hotter than a typical barbecue.  The weird feature of these models was the absence of a briquette tray.

The briquette grid usually sits below the cooking grates and above the burners to support the lava rocks or briquettes.  A Lazyman A Model did not have one.  The lava rocks were just  just dumped into the grill below the grates where they filled the space between and above the burners.  This worked very well because the lava rocks added to the heated air and the lava rocks also radiated direct heat at the grilling grids.  The only real negative feature is the grease did not drip through anything but tended to build up on, around and inbetween the lava rocks where the burners were coated with grease, dried marinades, rubs and dirt that had been heated and dried over and over again for years.

This eventually ruins the stainless steel burners.  Instead of making a cheaper burner that makes it attractive for buyers to buy parts but then disappoints these users when the burners don’t last more than a year or two Lazyman offers a burner that is much thicker and heavier than any other pipe burner in the marketplace.

For a grill that allows the burners to be surrounded by lava rocks these heavy, coated steel burners are perfect for such an antiquated design and promise to last much longer than the stainless steel burners that are only resilient outdoors when they are clean.

Click here for information about how and why 304 stainless has to be clean to last outdoors.

In a grill where the burners are surrounded by greasy lava rocks those burners are not going to get cleaned.  If 304 stainless is not cleaned at least twice a year the material will not last longer than “normal” steel and is not worth the higher expenditure.  Lazyman coated black burners are big, strong burners that seem to know they will not see the light of day once they are installed — and they are built to thrive for many years exactly where they need to be.

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