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Lazyman Replacement Burner For Old 26 Model.

lazyman model 26 replacement burner

lazyman model 26 replacement burner

LazyMan Model 26 Replacement Burner.

Lazyman replacement burners

The Lazyman model 26 gas barbecue grill is over 50 years old.  Lazyman gas barbecues are American made with lifetime warranty 304 stainless steel used to manufacture the parts and structure of the grill.  The Lazyman barbecue models are designed for use as portable grills on rolling carts and as built in BBQ grill heads to be installed into outdoor kitchens.

Lazyman replacement burner up close to ports

Lazyman replacement burner up close to ports

Usually when a replacement burner is needed for a Lazyman model 26 barbecue that is still in use and needs repair parts the service technician will use a universal Oval burner or an H burner.  The Oval and H burner is ubiquitous among gas barbecues because most of the older Charmglow, Charbroil, Phoenix, Falcon, Arkla, Preway, Amberlight and other grills from 30 years ago all used Oval and H burners.

More importantly, with an adjustable venturi tube an oval or an H shaped burner can be easily installed into many older and newer grill models.  The burners themselves are shaped like a long oval or an H design and the venturi tubes that come off the bottom and extend to the control valve can be bent to fit and angle to fit to the valve and orifice.  This makes the oval and the H spahed burners very popular today even though few grill manfacturers still use these burners in their new models.  The old replacement burner design can be installed to any barbecue model as a replacement.

These universal burners with adjustable venturi tubes are often used in the Lazyman 26 model when a technician is not connected to actual manufactures with access to the correct replacement parts.

The images attached to this post show the actual replacement burner as provided by Lazyman  grills.  The manufacturer of the lazyman barbecues makes a reliable grill

lazyman burner detail with venturi tube

lazyman burner detail with venturi tube

well suited to outdoor abuses and covered by a warranty that reflects that confidence.

The BTU rating that determines the size of the orifice that determines the amount of gas pressure allowed through the control valve is perfectly suited for this original replacement burner.  The Oval and the H burner are not bad replacements but it is always a better idea to use the right burner when it is available.

Using the correct burner is the proper environment means the heat will fill the grill exactly as planned by the factory.  Any barbecue is designed to circulate heat within the firebox.  In a pinch we have installed burners that fit but are not designed for a particular model.  It is always a better idea to use the manufacturers design — if not the particular parts if they are not made with good materials.

Fortunately the Lazyman parts are made of high-quality material; the same materials and the same type of stainless is still used today on Alfresco, Firemagic and other high end grills.  Using the best quality materials Lazyman burners are the best fit for Lazyman gas grills.

Lazyman replacement burners are available here

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