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Majestic Grill Parts on TV with Vanilla Ice and DIY Network.

After months of conversations, designs and discussing various barbecues, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, furniture, etc today we finally got on site for the DIY Networks’  The Vanilla Ice Project.  The premise of the Vanilla Ice reality  show during the last few seasons has been remodeling homes to increase market value.  I think the original idea is like all those late-night infomercials that claim you, too can buy, remodel and flip real estate to become the next overnight millionaire.

Vanilla Ice Home Remodeling Truck On Site

Vanilla Ice Home Remodeling Truck On Site

We have been working with production assistants for about 6 weeks and we finally had our first look at the actual job site today.  South Florida is in the path of as major storm that is expected to make landfall as a hurricane by Monday or Tuesday.  If that does not happen we should be done with all the on-site work by 29 August 2012.

The shows’ producers originally contacted us to design and build a custom outdoor kitchen for the show (if you’ve seen Majestic Grill Parts on Facebook you already know no one has more experience building grill islands) but this production schedule is renovating two backyards and one already has an outdoor kitchen so they cancelled that project.   Instead of a custom outdoor kitchen they have asked us to build a custom fireplace that is as tall as the roof of the home so they can mount a flat screen outdoor television above the fireplace.

We are also providing the Vanilla Ice project with a barbecue grill on a cart since we are not able to put an outdoor kitchen on this project and we may be installing some of our outdoor resin wicker cushioned patio furniture also.

Vanilla Ice filming on site while renovating this backyard with Majestic Grill Parts

Vanilla Ice filming on site while renovating this backyard with Majestic Grill Part

Right now the back yard of this mouse in Palm Beach Florida is tore- up with a lot of holes in the ground, rebar lying around, unfinished floors and laborers.  There is a lot of work to get done in the next 7 days but we were told everything has to be completed by next wednesday.  We thought we would be able to get started earlier but with fast-paced projects like this it is not uncommon to have half the time to complete twice the work.

Fortunately we did get on site today to see what is ready for us and what we have to work with.  The star himself, Vanilla Ice was on site looking through the various designs and making the final decisions regarding the flooring, fountain, hot tub, pergola and fireplace.

We are working from a design they provided for us through the awesome  DIY Network producer we have been working with.  They wanted us to use a denatured alcohol fireplace burner so we are building in a stainless steel ethanol ventless gas log fireplace burner.  We do not use these burners much because they are almost never UL rated or get CSA or RADCO certification.  There have been a lot of horrible accidents that have left a lot of people injured and even some deaths when people have refilled these tyoe of fireplace burners.  The”burner” is really just a bowl full of ethanol and the home owner lights the fireplace by touching the alcohol with a long lighter.  The danger comes in when the customer cannot see a tiny blue-flame inside the bottom of the covered bowl when the fuel is low.  If the burner gets refilled while there is a flame — often invisible when low — the flame will burn along the stream to the container.  Usually the person will drop the bottle and the splashing alcohol is burning!  If some of the alcolhol was on a hand, arm, shirt, etc….  The production company has assumed all liability and the responsibility of making sure the instructions are clear for the end-user.  Other wise we would not have agreed to build in this burner when there are so many amazing propane fireplaces available.


When we complete this project we will show the before and after images and we will show details of the fireplace, barbecue and the entire backyard project we help build with  the Vanilla Ice project.  We will also begin a contest next week at this time.

We have many gas fireplaces here that we have used only in the store to show clients as displays.  We are going to give away all our gas fireplaces starting next week when we finish the Vanilla Ice project.

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Every one, Any one who want to be in the drawings for a FREE GAS FIREPLACE shipped courtesy of Majestic Grill Parts just needs to pick one or more from the list above.  Each person can do each of these three commentaries and will be entered into our drawing for each.  That means each person has the ability to be added to the FREE FIREPLACE up to three times.

Contact Majestic Grill Parts with any comments or questions at: 954-247-4552.

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