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New Adjustable Burner for Table Top Portable Grill Repairs

New Burner Brought out of retirement today for portable table to BBQ grill repairs.

adjustable burner fits most portable table top BBQ models

adjustable burner fits most portable table top BBQ models

This stainless steel burner was discontinued three years ago because there were not enough sales to justify continued stock.  Making a burner means we have to have a minimum of 500 pieces custom manufactured and we hope we’re selling 500 over the course of two years (of course we’d prefer 2 months but…).  After this burner was discontinued we continued to get requests for the burner and complaints when the replacement burner for table top barbecues was unavailable.

This time the burner has evolved.  The new version of the portable grill replacement burner is better stainless steel and better workmanship.  You cannot see that but it is in there.  The truly awesome and recognizable changes are more obvious.  For one, although the burner venturi tube that connects the burner to the control valve orifice is mounted there are 2 holes in the burner for the venturi tube to use.  If the venturi tube is too short to reach the control valve attachment the entire venturi tube can be moved to the other hole in the burner.

The second difference is the venturi tube itself.  The venturi tube has an inner cylinder that extends and contracts while continuing to seal gas within the burner tube.  The venturi tube can be compressed to a shorter length and can be pulled out to a longer size.  There is a set screw to hold the venturi tube is plave so the tube or burner does not move in transit.

All barbecue burners have an air vent at the tip of the burner venturi tube to allow us to affect the mixture of gas and air that determines a good flame and a reliable ignition.  This new adjustable replacement burner also has this ability to adjust the flow of air and the amount of gas mixture.  However by removing the set screw instead of only loosening it enough to slide the vent open and closed the air shutter can be removed.  The replacement tip for the air shutter is threaded.

Portable BBQ grills usually have a valve and regulator combination.  The regulator on table top BBQs has a control knob on top of it so the chef can turn the grill ON and High and Low with this adjustment that is a part of the LP regulator.  The orifice that extends out of the regulator/valve usually just pokes into or clips into the fire box and into the burner but some of these designs are threaded.  We used to have to drill out the grill or add odd fittings to make these work together but now the new replacement burner comes with a removable tip that is threaded to make it easier to install this burner into any model of portable table top barbecue grill.

The new burner comes from Canada and is stainless steel.  The original bracket below the burner that allows us to  install the burner so it does not move around is still in place.  This new burner could easily be used in normal mounted deck barbecues but it is going to be a welcome — and awesome — addition to our list of thousands of gas grill replacement parts.

Check out the new burner details and specifications here:

We know immediately that there are models of Charbroil, Turco, Arkla, Thermos and many other portable models that need this burner for upcoming repairs.

and as always send any questions for Majestic Grill Parts to:

954-2-GRILL-2 (954.247.4552).

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