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New Fire Pit Pages and Updates

As we develope new pages and updates on the site at we will always let you know what is growing and/or changing.

With the cooler season upon us the weather is getting beautiful here in Florida with cooler temperatures, dryer air and all-day-long breezes.  This is the best time of the year to be outdoors.

We updated and changed all of the pages on the site with wood burning fire pits.  Most of our real work goes into the custom fire pit kits and the total custom fire pits we manufacture but we also stock some fire pits that are mass produced.  These are simple to use right out of the box and do not have all the confusing gas lines, safety valves, thermocouples and intricate igniters that the gas fire pits have.

We updated or added about a dozen pages and they are all accessible from this page online:

We are also adding a lot of new information regarding the gas kits for manufacturing custom fire pits and will post a notice once those are completed.  Right now we are setting up the fire pits and shooting video to show the differences.  Last year we finally committed to never using the RealFyre/Firemagic gas fire pit kits we have been using for about 8 years now.  We are just having too many problems with them.  These fire pit kits are extraordinarily east to use, simple to build in and nice for the home owner because there is nothing else to buy; the kit has everything at a very low price.  However, there are better kits out there with better flame patterns and heavier ignition, more insulated control boxes and better flames from the ring burners.

The problem has always been that the cost is about $350 more expensive for the other fire pit kit.  Over the past year we have had to accept that the less expensive kit is just asking for problems with the valve and the ignition down the road.  We only sell high-quality products made in the US so we’re not talking about the kind of cheap knock-off you’ll find at the local super-retail mega-store but even among the high-end solutions there are better products and less expensive products.

We have had to accept that the lower prices gas fire pits have serious problems with longevity.  We have also had to accept that a standard barbecue tank using a 5 gallon LP cylinder is not going to ever produce the flames home owners expect.  Even when we explain how the gas line and rates of vaporization affect the performance of the fire pit the home owner will still make the less expensive choice while expecting the more expensive solution.

The firemagic solution is still the better plan for a portable LP tank but for better flames and better controls we are bringing in fire pits that are usually not sold at the retail level but are made available to manufacturers to install into their own products.  We will be making these fire pit kits available online just as we have always had them available here in south Florida.  The results are dramatically better and we are not dismantling valves and controls to get the results as we have been doing.

 We will continue to update this page as the changes are added.
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