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DCS Stainless Replacement Burners – Compare and Contrast.

dcs 36 gas bbq built in to outdoor kitchen

dcs 36" gas bbq built in to outdoor kitchen

Which replacement burner should you use to repair your Dynamic Cooking Systems gas grill?  Even big companies like DCS get lured to the dark side of cheap foreign manufacturing.  There are a lot of companies who were once well known American manufacturing brands that no longer manufacture their products in the US because the higher prices make it difficult to sell competitively.  Personally I do not buy that; both figuratively and literally.  The fact remains DCS has not evolved much since the company was sold about 8 years ago and is no longer owned by an American corporation.

Compare DCS Burners

Majestic grill parts sells barbecues, repairs barbecues, replacement parts, fireplaces, etc and I strongly encourage all of you DCS owners to Clean Your Barbecue so you do not need replacement parts.  There are barbecues that will need parts and repairs no matter what you do but DCS gas grills were heavily manufactured to last forever and if you take care of the barbecue it will last forever without “nickel and diming” you to bankruptcy.

If you do need a replacement U burner for a DCS gas grill you probably noticed we have two different burners (DCS burners here) that seem to be the same except one is a lot more expensive than the other.  Normally that means there is a after-market product available and a manufacturers product available.  However, I find it odd to refer to the DCS burner as non-aftermarket when the company who owns DCS has never manufactured that item and is having the parts made outside the US just like an aftermarket company would do.  It seems the DCS burner is the actual aftermarket burner when you consider we have been having the replacement burner made for the DCS grills far longer than F&P has.

As stated above, if you have the original DCS burners take care of them!

If you do need a DCS replacement burner you either have an older DCS with cast iron burners or you have a newer DCS with stainless steel U shaped burners.  We recently had a customer who insisted on buying the DCS sold replacement burners and I suspect it was because they believe the manufacturer would make the better product.  Often the higher price implies better quality, better materials, better workmanship — but not always (see Viking).

I know there are a lot of companies who hope to be the cheapest and they go over seas to buy the cheapest knock-off parts they can possibly find.  That’s not us.  Especially with a gas grill like a DCS that is one of the best made and best performing gas grills in the world we have always believed quality is more important.  Today we posted a page to allow you to see the burners next to one another at various angles and different close-ups to see if there is a different between the high-quality burner we sell for DCS gas grills and the burners DCS buys to sell as DCS burners.

Compare DCS Burners

There are cheaper burners that look the same and there are less expensive burners that are  priced fair by cutting out the middleman.  Take a look and decide for yourself.

Also the first DCS gas grill model to use stainless steel U burners was the D model about 12 years ago.  The DCS D model was the best made barbecue on the planet back then.   See why here.

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BGB 30 model DCS gas grill built in to an outdoor kitchen in Florida

BGB 30 model DCS gas grill built in to an outdoor kitchen in Florida


Lazyman Black Steel Replacement Burners are Perfect for the A Model.

replacement gas bbq grill burner for lazyman a model

LazyMan Grill Repair — Black Steel and Stainless Steel Replacement Burner For A Model Gas Barbecues.

close image of black replacement burner for A model lazyman

close image of black replacement burner for A model lazyman

Lazyman Black-Coated Steel Burners are

about triple the weight of the stainless replacement  burners that are available for the A models gas grills that were in production starting 25 years ago.  A lot of gas barbecue companies try to trick the buyer by using very inexpensive and paper thin stainless steel that is no better than cheap steel materials.  High-end and very expensive appliances are manufactured with 304 and 316 stainless steel that has most iron oxides drained during smelting while adding nickel, chromium and other chemocals that makes the stainless practically impervious to weather and poor maintenance.

The Lazy man 210 and A Model series grills are good evidence of high-quality stainless steel.  These grills were popular 15 – 25 years ago and thousands are still in use today with minor repairs because the stainless and the workmanship is awesome.  Cheap grills will use cheap workmanship and cheap materials but then they’ll name the barbecue the “Professional” model or the “Commercial” model to try to trick us ointo mis-interpreting the materials.

Of course if you believe a $199. barbecue is a “Commercial” product, as in purchased by commercial operations like restaurants, hotels, country clubs, etc…… well….

thick venturi opening on black steel lazyman replacement burner

thick venturi opening on black steel lazyman replacement burner

The Lazyman must realize the DCS, Alfresco, Solaire, Firemagic and other high-end models that have amazing infrared burners and futuristic features for the same prices have lowered the demand for Lazyman grills today.  The Lazyman models that are still in use are another story.  If a client already has an American made gas grill that has the ability to last 50 years outdoors most will send the time repairing that grill instead of buying a $5000. Alfresco.

Instead of choosing to use inferior stainless steel or thinner materials Lazyman A model replacement burners are extraordinarily thick and very dense steel.  The materials make the burners less expensive than most replacement burners — and definitely less expensive than replacement grill burners for the high-end grills that are the equivalent to Lazyman quality.  The heavier, thicker burners are likely to outlast their stainless brethren.

The A Model by Lazyman consisted of straight pipe burners, lava rocks and cooking grates.  The idea was the burners not only heated up the air trapped inside the bbq hood but also heated the lava rocks so the entire grilling area was much hotter than a typical barbecue.  The weird feature of these models was the absence of a briquette tray.

The briquette grid usually sits below the cooking grates and above the burners to support the lava rocks or briquettes.  A Lazyman A Model did not have one.  The lava rocks were just  just dumped into the grill below the grates where they filled the space between and above the burners.  This worked very well because the lava rocks added to the heated air and the lava rocks also radiated direct heat at the grilling grids.  The only real negative feature is the grease did not drip through anything but tended to build up on, around and inbetween the lava rocks where the burners were coated with grease, dried marinades, rubs and dirt that had been heated and dried over and over again for years.

This eventually ruins the stainless steel burners.  Instead of making a cheaper burner that makes it attractive for buyers to buy parts but then disappoints these users when the burners don’t last more than a year or two Lazyman offers a burner that is much thicker and heavier than any other pipe burner in the marketplace.

For a grill that allows the burners to be surrounded by lava rocks these heavy, coated steel burners are perfect for such an antiquated design and promise to last much longer than the stainless steel burners that are only resilient outdoors when they are clean.

Click here for information about how and why 304 stainless has to be clean to last outdoors.

In a grill where the burners are surrounded by greasy lava rocks those burners are not going to get cleaned.  If 304 stainless is not cleaned at least twice a year the material will not last longer than “normal” steel and is not worth the higher expenditure.  Lazyman coated black burners are big, strong burners that seem to know they will not see the light of day once they are installed — and they are built to thrive for many years exactly where they need to be.


New Items: TEC Infrared Burner Grill Glass Panles Add Flavor and Performance.

We have added TEC infrared burner grilling glass and we have added a TEC grill glass page that describes what this item is, what it does and why it is both important and an added benefit to Thermal Engineering Corporation infrared burner and grilling grates design.

Glass panel for grilling grates on infrared grill

Glass panel for grilling grates on infrared grill

The original TEC cooking grate design followed the concave grid design of the DCS “finger” grates.  Concave grids allow moisture to sit in the grate and vaporize while grilling in  order to add favor and texture to grilled meats.  Concave grids also can lay at a slight angle so the groove allows grease and marinades or other moisture to roll off the cooking surface rather than drip through and flare up in the grill.

The original TEC grates were fabricated as a bunch of U channels spot welded to a front and back support.  They would rattle when moved because the spot welds were always allowing the channels to be loose.  If the grates dropped the rectangle would be off-square and difficult to bend back because the structure was so weak.

As TEC started changing their infrared burners and making changes to become competitive as a high-end grill again one of the changes was to the cooking grates.

As you can see in the attached image the new TEC grates that have been used for about 5 years now are more like typical wire-rod grates that all barbecues used at some time.  The main different is the channel is now created by the deep stainless grid sitting on a glass panel.  Moisture drips past the grid to the glass and the glass is extraordinarily hot from the burner sitting just below it.  The TEC glass acts like a vaporizer shield.

Heat from the stainless steel infrared burners would spread across the grease shield and the glass would get very hot.  Any dripping marinade, grease, bastings, etc drip through the the glass and vaporize to add texture to the grilling food and add flavor to the convectional heat circulating inside the firebox

More recent TEC designs that do not se the traditional pressurized infrared burners still claim tremendous heat and use the  glass above the burner as a heat shield vaporizer.

We have just started stocking these glass panels in addition to the other TEC  gas grill parts so they can now be ordered and shipped immediately.  We also published (see links above, at beginning of article) a separate page that shows close-up images, measurements and information about the infrared glass panels and anything else.

As time goes by it will be interesting to see how the grills perform and sell for Thermal Engineering.  For a company who changed the world of grilling in an amazing way they control a surprising small percentage of new grill sales.  Most of the customers who use TEC gas grills  absolutely love these amazing infrared gas grills and plan to repair them as needed and keep them forever.

In closing:

A few years back when the infrared burner design became available to companies manufacturing barbecues overseas there were some lower priced hybrids available.  Today TEC uses a rectangular burner which they call infrared even though the burner does not look or behave like an infrared burner.

There are also new low-cost gas grills that have been selling “infrared” grills that are not over one-thousand degrees because the definition of the term “infrared” has been sliding.  The newer charbroils barbecues and the new Saber by charbroil are perfect examples.

These barbecues have the small, typical, low BTU straight pipe burners we always see in low priced barbecues.  They are calling the barbecues “infrared” because of the grilling grate design.  Like the TEC glass design there is no heat radiating from the burner directly to the food because the glass separates the burner area from the grilling grid.  Charbroil cooking grates are all thin stainless steel but they use the same design.  The thin stainless separates the burners from the grids so the stainless radiates some heat to cook with.

Typical “gas barbecues” barbecue with the hood closed: burners slowly heat up the air trapped in the closed hood and  hot air surrounds the food to cook.  The absence of hot air, convection cooking is not being defined by the effectiveness of the system but referred to as “infrared” because of  the absence of the common heating style.

Majestic Grill Parts

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New Video: Test Your BBQ Grill Igniter Module.

Nine Volt Spark Generator Modules used in Viking, Solaire, Alfresco and more.

Nine Volt Spark Generator Modules used in Viking, Solaire, Alfresco and more.

The 9 volt module used by Alfresco, Viking, Solaire and other high-end gas grill manufacturers does not often fail.  When most customers call us for gas grill replacement parts they will claim “I need to replace my ignitor.”  However, an igniter is an assembly of parts that all work together.  Depending on the type of process the assembly of grill parts that make up the ignition system can be as few as 2 pieces and as many as 15 pieces to make up the ignitor.

Usually if there is a fail it is because the electrodes inside the barbecue get dirty.  The electrodes have to be inside the grill in order to spark where the gas is emitted from the barbecue burner.  Being inside the barbeque also means the electrodes (which are miniature spark plugs) are able to get grease, marinades, spices, sauces, rain, dirt and carbon from burning gas flames that can all interrupt the clean surfaces necessary for the spark to occur.

replacement gas grill electrode

replacement gas grill electrode

When our client calls to say “I need to replace my barbecue’s ignitor” we usually answer with: “which part of the ignitor” because it is extraordinarily rare for All the parts of the ignitor to fail.  The first thing to do is to replace the battery and try again.  Then clean or replace the electrodes and the collector box around the electrodes.  If the electrode will not spark, I remove it from the grill and lay it near enough the lid, hood, control panel or anything stainless steel to see if it arcs against that metal.

In order to check the module we usually remove the module from the grill.  Unplug all the wires and remove the module and then plug the button back in.  Sometimes the button has the battery in the unit and sometimes the battery is installed in the module and sometime the battery is separate all together but it wired to the module and/or the button.

With a new 9 volt battery in the module we press the button to generate the sparks.  If the module and the button/switch are functional the naked male outlet spades will arc against one another.  If they do not work we will disconnect the button and lay a screw driver or something metal, not coated across the 2 spades that would be wired to the button.  Watch the module spark test video by clicking here.

As you can see in the video the module circuit is completed by laying the screwdriver across the switch connection spades.  At that point the nine-volt battery is powerful enough that the electrode connection spoades will arc against themselves.  We can see the purple arc and we can hear the electricity popping as the connection is made.

Inside your barbecue the connection is more powerful because the electrode attaches to the stainless steel of the fire box and provides a ground for the electrical current.  Outside the grill without the ground the module is still powerful enough to generate a spark.

Because we have a client who is having this problem right now, today we decided to post this video as you see it here:

However, the production is not great so we will be re-posting the video in a couple of days.  We would like this instructional video to be as useful as all the other instructional videos we have been posting on the site and at youtube as the user name “bbqparts” but we had to get this up in a hurry to help a customer — and we’re here to help customers.   We will re-edit the other parts of the testing with better explanations and get our british voice guy to work it out so the video will be replaced in a bit and will be more explanatory then.  For now the video shows the module arcing so anyone can see exactly how their module should behave if it is functioning properly.

Please share this post with anyone who may benefit from learning more about their barbecue parts.  The Social Media buttons are programmed to allow you to leave comments or to share this information with others in our network and your own.


Happy Independence Day from Majestic Grill Parts.

Please enjoy a Happy and a Safe Fourth of July.  Cook some Amazing food and have fun with your Family.

Thank You to all of the customers who have  permitted us to assist with your outdoor kitchens, fireplaces and barbecues — we are only able to do what we do so long as you feel like we are providing you with more than you pay for.  Thank you for your trust and for your support of our business here in South Florida and everywhere we ship your products all over the world.

happy 4th of july

happy 4th of july

Enjoy your holiday time and barbecue something with your family this 4th of July.

American Flag on stage

American Flag on stage

…and a special American flag presented by Kanye and Jay: Happy Independence Day!

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Rotisserie Safety Valve and Thermocouple Test For DCS and Other Gas Grills.

We have had a few customers ask us how they can test their rotisserie valve to determine what is wrong when the infrared rotissserie burner will not stay lit.  Many customers mistakenly believe the ignition assembly has a problem and many want to know how determine of the problem is the safety valve or the thermocouple.

Click here to find out

We just added a page to the site that will link from the DCS repair parts page where the DCS thermocouple and the DCS rotisserie safety valve are for sale.  This page has step by step instructions for disassembling the valve assembly and then taking the safety valve apart to be able to test the thermocouple.

Many customers call to say they have to hold the button on a DCS barbecue grill the entire time the rotisserie is cooking their food.  This is because when the safety valve is released the gas flow is blocked.  The valves’ ability to block the gas flow is a life saving feature of gas fireplaces, gas heaters, barbecue grills and many gas appliances.  Gas appliances that use a pilot system use a pilot flame because the pilot flame is heating the thermocouple so the heat holds this safety valve open for gas to flow.  When the heat is removed the gas flow is stopped because the heat is being used to create a small electrical charge (millivolt system).  This small electrical charge is then used to magnetize a piece of steel attached to a spring.  The magnet is just strong enough to hold the steel and when the lack of heat weakens the magnet the spring pushes the solenoid back out and cuts off the gas flow.

Without this safety feature the gas would continue flowing when the flame went out and the cloud of gas could cause a serious fire and even cause an explosion.  When customers call us to repair their barbecue they want to know if the safety valve or the thermocouple needs to be replaced.  A thermocouple does not have any moving parts and they rarely fail.  However, if the safety valve is only slightly damaged when a new thermocouple is installed the magnet is new and strong and the process of installing the new grill parts cleans the connections.  Often the system will seem to be temporarily repaired.

This test will tell a customer if the thermocouple needs to be replaced or if the rotisserie safety valve needs to be replaced.

this is the safety valve button from a DCS gas grill

this is the safety valve button from a DCS gas grill

Thermocouple from a dynamic cooking systems barbecue grill

Thermocouple from a dynamic cooking systems barbecue grill

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Universal Adjustable Stainless Steel Pipe Burner Installation Video

We just uploaded a video that demonstrates how to install the universal adjustable pipe burner to  our universal page online linked above.

adjust this burner to any length from 12 to 18.5 inches

adjust this burner to any length from 12 to 18.5 inches

This stainless steel pipe burner can be installed into thousands of barbecues that require a burner length from 12 inches to 18.5 inches.  We have tested this burner in hundreds of applications testing the mounting brackets and the sliding connection on the burner tubes and the venturi air shutter adjustments.  This burner replaces other pipe burners but is also useful on grills that use cast iron, brass and cast stainless steel burners.

The front of the burner slides onto the control valve orifice just like any barbeque burner and the back of the burner has several mounting options for attaching level to any bbq fire box support.  The slide has a small set screw that tightens the tubes so no further adjustment can accidentally shift and the det screw is extremely tight.  There is no ability to have a mistake with this burner.

Online from our universal grill parts page this burner page now has a video that allows clients to see a technician adjust the burner and install it into a real gas barbecue.  The video shows the burner being adjusted, tightened in place at the correct size for the Perfect Flame grill repair example and the video has several close detailed explanations for how the burner installs to the control valve in the front and the the support shelf in the back of the barbeque.

Universal grill parst are important in our line of work because there are thousnads of bbq models that do not have replacement parts available.  Some gas barbecues that are in use are still in good shape and owners will choose to keep their grill instead of buying a new appliance.  However, the replacement burners, heat shields, lava/briquette grid and cooking grates are not always available for every apliance ever sold.  Well-built, high-quality universal adjustable grill parts allow us to continue to repair these products instead of throwing them in the garbage.

Today more than ever this is important as the American business model has changed.  More and more people are running what is commonly known as “affiliate marketing”.  Affiliate marketing means that although I cannot tell you a lot about pencils I can still sell pencils.  I cannot tell you how pencil lead is made or if there are quantitative quality differences in lead types or if there are better erasers and better selections of wood for pencils.  I cannot justify the cost of a pencil by explaining quality and I cannot tell you how to repair damaged lead or a missing eraser.  However, if I can locate a warehouse full of pencils I can set that warehouse up to drop-ship the products and I can make a web site that makes me look like a professional pencil manufacturer and I can sell pencils at a premium.

Barbecues are no different.  Most of the common brand names we see today are only names placed on chinese imports and the “technicians” who answer service calls only know item numbers in a computer.  Parts are not available for these items because there is no manufacturer.  The company buys a container and sells the product to a big retailer and they ship for them when there is a sale.  The quality is usually low and the fabrication labor horrid and there is no educated support from experienced technicians.

If you happen to receive a product like this and need a burner replacement there may be a lot of trouble finding a repair part.  At we stock thousands of gas bbq grill replacement parts but with all the gas grills that have existed over the past 35 years it is never enough.

Our Universal Grill Parts are made in Canada, are much higher quality and materials than any universal bbq parts than have ever existed and with the experience and the education we share with our clients there is not a barbecue made that we cannot repair with our universal adjustable briquette grids, cooking grates, adjustable burners, knobs, ignition assemblies and other universal repair parts.

The universal burner works beautifully on a lot of barbecue grills and now that we have posted a video for the burners’ installation we hope a lot more clients will not be afraid to use this burner instead of accepting defeat and trashing an otherwise useful barbecue.

As always, contact us for additional information at:


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