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Profire Professional Grills Replacement Orifice Manifold.

orifice manifold allows 1 valve to control 2 burners.

orifice manifold allows 1 valve to control 2 burners.

Profire barbecue grills have two models: Professional and Performance.  The Professional models by Profire have an interesting manifold design.

Typically a gas line attaches to a thick pipe that mounts across the front of a barbecue.  This pipe that attaches to the gas line is a Manifold.  The control valves all either clamp onto, screw into or bolt through this manifold pipe.  The control valves draw gas from the pipe and then the valves spit that gas into the BBQ burners.

Profire grills have a secondary manifold.  The main manifold is present and the control valves attach to the main manifold just like thousnads of other barbecue models.  However, instead of the front side of the control valve sticking into the burner the Profire has a pipe attached to the tip of the valve.

Typically a gas grill control valve has a knob on the back side where we stand and barbecue.  The front of the control valve has a brass orifice which serves the same function as the jet in a vehicle carburetor.  The venturi tube of the burner allows a specific amount of gas into the burner.  The orifice at the tip of the valve is drilled to a specific diameter opening that only allows a maximum amount of gas into the burner.  A few barbecues have a gas line attached to the tip of the valve because the valves are mounted off-set or further away from the burners so an extended gas line moves the orifices.  The architecture compensates for the extension but the procedure is the same.  We made a post that explains this type of connection at:

Profire is different from the typical gas grill design.  The valves attach to the manifold but instead of an orifice on the front of the control valve the Professional models have a “orifice manifold”.  The orifice manifold basically splits the gas flow coming through the valve.  The image above shows the secondary manifold.  The right and left holes threaded into the manifold hold two gas orifices.  Instead of an orifice at the tip of the valve the orifice manifold has 2 orifices attached.  This way the full gas pressure comes through the gas line to the manifold and through the valve.  The gas is not stepped down until it gets to the orifice manifold.  This allows one control valve to control two barbecue burners.

A Profire Professional BBQ grill with 4 knobs on the front will have 8 burners inside the grill.

The gas pressure is split by the orifice manifold so a burner can be installed to the right of the valve and to the left of the valve.

Not many barbecues are designed this way.  Unfortunately the Profire manifold is not fabricated with the same 304 stainless steel used on the rest of the appliance.  The manifold and the secondary orifice manifold is a steel pipe painted with a thick black paint.  They usually look scratched like they’ve been bumping around so the paint does not completely stop oxidation.  Eventually they may need to be replaced.

Profire orifice manifold specs and replacement.

Majestic Grill Parts also has all the Profire model BBQ grill specification drawings.  If you ever need to see how the parts of the grill go together to trouble shoot any issues simply let us know.

spec drawings show all the parts of the grill in an exploded view

spec drawings show all the parts of the grill in an exploded view

Notice the spec drawing here is what is called an “exploded view”.  An exploded spec sheet shows all the parts of an appliance as though they appliance exploded and all the parts are hovering far enough away to see where they came from.  Drawings like these are very useful to shows us where the parts belong,  The profire parts drawings also have item descriptions to help further identify the grill parts.

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