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Propane Tank Conversion Adapter Page Added.

New Page Added for POL to QCC connection on LP cylinders.

Propane tank pol to qcc adapter page

As we add new pages the the site at we will leave a post on the blog site for every page added.  This was if customers need to locate a specific replacement part or fire pit or fore place they can always use the search box in the blog to locate information about the replacement parts on the site.

Today we added a page showing details and explanations for using an adaptor that converts a POL connection to a QCC connection.

There are 3 major types of connections although 2 of these connections are going extinct.  Wehave always had conversion parts for the quick-connect gas line fitting used by Weber and several other barbecue companies.  Today we added a conversion that attaches to the tank valve.

Look at your propane tank and look at the valve on the tank where you attach your hose and regulator.  Notice the cylinder valve is threaded inside the connection and outsode the connection.  The inner threads are the POL connection.  The thick outer threads are the QCC connection.

When the federal guidelines became mandatory several years ago manufacturers of propane cylinders had to add safety features into every propane tank made to be used by residential home owners.  Of course this made the tanks more expensive to test and to fabricate.  As a result of this there have been subtle changes to the LP cylinders and one of these changes is the standardization of the QCC connection.

In the islands and in south and central America the rules are not closely enforced so a lot of barbecue tanks are still using the older connections and the tanks only have the inner thread connection (POL).  As these grill owners repair their barbecues they will eventually have to purchase a new hose and regulator.  The problem is the new hse and regulator is going to come with a large QCC handwheel that threads onto the the thick outer threads whereas their old hose and regulator connected to the propane cylinder using the finer inner threads on the valve.

If the tank is so old it does not have the QCC heavy threads the customer has to either buy a new tank or buy the adapter.  This adapter threads into the older connection by screwing into the inner threads on the LP tank.  Once the adapter is connected it leaves the new connection extended from the tank valve so the thicker QCC threads are available.  The conversion adapter also has POL threads inside the QCC fitting so the older regulators can also be used with the older tank once the conversion adapter has been attached to the tank.

The adapter comes with a black plastic grip threaded into the POL threads.  Attach the adapter to the inner threads of your propane cylinder by using a wrench to grip this plastic grip.  Once the adapter is tightened to the tank the plastic grip will detach from the tension of tightening.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to remove this adapter from the LP tank once it is attached.

propane tank conversion fitting

this adapter converts propane tank connection from inner thread to inner or outer thread connection

Most customer who contact us for this adapter need to convert a LP tank in central or south America or in the Caribbean islands.  New propane tanks are too expensive there to implement the safety features we have in the tanks we use here but it is now too expensive to find a hose and regulator with the old connections because the QCC connections are being mass produced.  A hose and regulator today costs double what is costs only 5 years ago and LP tanks are almost double.  It is less expensive for a customer to buy a new hose and regulator with an adapter than it is to buy and ship a whole new LP tank.

Details about this conversion adapter fitting with images and the ability to purchase this item are available : here.

Other conversion adapters and hoses, regulators, timers, shut-off valves, orifices and any other gas fittings are available here.


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